Brittany Mae

Chief Instructor

Brittany has a passion for people and training. After completing her Bachelors of Science degree in Outdoor Adventure Recreation and Wilderness Leadership, she went on to organize team building, growth through risk, and leadership experiences. She has instructed private firearms courses, facilitated range operations, and organized range events. Brittany has served as a protective services agent, providing access control, secure transportation, and security surveillance.

Brittany became a Security Police Officer Supervisor for the Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration.  She was charged with the security and safeguarding of special nuclear material, explosive devices and governmental research projects.  After graduating several DOE firearms instructor courses, she became an adjunct instructor for the training academy at the Nevada National Security Site(NNSS).

She is now a supervisor with the NNSS’s Emergency Planning & Preparedness Department.  Additionally, Brittany is an adjunct instructor for Progressive Force Concepts Training division.


“Brittany is an awesome instructor. Beginner or advanced, your guaranteed to come out of her classes better than when you came. Her emphasis on safety and real world personal defense is paramount. Thank you!” – – SP