Frequently Asked Questions

How old do you need to be to attend a class?

The minimum age is 16 and must be accompanied by legal parent/guardian. Private instruction is available for all age groups.

How much ammunition should I bring to a class?

Each class has its own list of items to bring; ammunition count is in this list.

Are there restrictions on certain ammunition types?

Armor-piercing, tracer, and incendiary ammunition is strictly prohibited. If in doubt about your specific gun/ammo combination, send us an email so we can help you out.

I am unable to come to the course I signed up for. do you offer a refund?

For a 100% refund, cancellations or changes must be made at least 48 hours in advance of class by emailing us. There will be a 100% charge for no-shows. In other words, if you do not show up for the scheduled course, no refund will be issued, as our ability to fill the spot(s) will have been lost.

Current Classes

There are no upcoming events at this time.